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Leak Detection
& Water Damage Repairs

Immediate response & repairs of water leaks & water damage in residential & business spaces.
No hidden fees, best leak detection technology, we handle your insurance claim & carry out any water damage restoration work.

Water Damage Repairs & Leak Detection Specialists
In Essex, London & across the South East

Superfast Restorations for Water Damage & Specialist Leak Detection

thermal imaging camera used for water leak detection

Experts in non-invasive state of the art leak detection

  • No hidden fees

  • Fastest detection technology

  • Non-invasive techniques used first

  • Central heating leaks detected

  • Free full insurance report

Water damaged ceiling from water leak

Residential & Commercial Water Damage Repairs

Specialist in water damage restoration

  • Full help with insurance claims

  • All sized homes restored to perfection

  • Specialist water damage repair team

  • Emergency repairs & restoration

  • Repair & restore all water damaged areas

Water Leak Detection

Non-destructive leak detection by specialist engineers

Fast Water Damage Repairs

Superfast restorations for water damage

Insurance claims assistance

We provide full insurance quotes and get your claim agreed

Need help fast?

Emergency repairs and restoration work

Choose AquaKare

Leak detection with a success rate of 99%

We’ll take care of it

We liaise with your insurers for you

What’s involved in finding your leak?

Watch our video to see how we can help you. We have qualified engineers experienced in finding leaks fast.

Click on the video to learn more about our leak detection service

Our accelerated drying systems can dry your property in a fraction of time used by traditional methods.

We have the highest qualified water damage specialists to assess, repair and restore all types of property water damage, using state of the art technology to complete the task quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption to your property.

We provide services to detect hard to find leaks, repair, restore and dry out any damage created by the leak. Whether it is commercial or home water damage, we can cover it.

Our water damage response procedure also includes liaising with your insurers so it wont cost you a penny.

Our Leak Detection Specialist Equipment/Techniques

We invest in state of the art technology to ensure that you never have water leaks. We use constant upgrades and faster methods for detection so we can limit the water damage to your property as much as possible. Leak detection is an integral part of our business. We use different machinery and technology to detect leaks in all types of properties, which you can see below.

Thermal imaging camera for leak detection

Thermal Imaging

Our engineers use this form of equipment when a leak is within a wall of panel.

The source of the leak is identified by the camera infrared system.

Tracer gas for water leak detection

Tracer Gas

Trace and access services sometimes use tracer gas to detect leak sources.

Its fast and extremely accurate and is 100% safe even around food.

Moisture Meters on wall for water leak detection

Moisture Meters

When a wall shows signs of damp or moisture, we use moisture meters to detect the extent of the water damage and to pinpoint the exact location of the leak.

Acoustic Detection water leak detection - man on garden patio listening for water

Acoustic Detection

With this method, sophisticated leak detection technology is used through pipe mapping and sound profiling for a depth of up 3 metres through concrete, wood, soil & tarmac.

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