Flood Damage Restoration Service in London & Essex

Domestic & commercial flood damage restoration services

Flood damage restoration services Flood damage repairs & remediation No hidden fees

Flood Damage Repair Service

We have a professional team of specialists in flood damage, able to return your property to its original state as quick as possible.

We can provide flood damage restoration on any size property, including both commercial and domestic properties.

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Dedicated to leak detection and helping our clients

We know how important it is to always deliver the best customer service. That’s why we’re committed and dedicated to providing you with an exceptional experience!

We are one of the best leak detection companies in the UK. Our leak detection specialists have an impressive 99% success rate for fixing the leak on the same day.

Brian Graves, Director of AquaKare Ltd.

J.P – Leak Detection – Review Source Google

“These guys were brilliant, they found my water leak and were quite cost effective. I was well informed throughout and was given plenty of advice about how to claim everything back on my insurance. A very good company and a safe choice. 👌”

The Process For Our Flood Damage Restoration Service

We take care of the effects of your flood damage, and you can be confident that we will prevent it from happening again.

Expert Flood Damage Restoration Service

We have a fantastic track record as a Flood Damage Restoration Specialists

We take care of the hard work

We liaise with your insurers for you with comprehensive leak detection reports.

Our reputation is built on our results

Dedication to quality results and outstanding customer service.

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